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Painting and Coating Services We Provide:

  • Residential Repaint (Interiors & Exteriors): We repaint existing residential homes inside and out to include all walls, ceilings, acoustic ceilings, interior trimwork, all stucco/wood siding, shingles, masonry, and exterior trim surfaces. We provide complete interior and exterior repainting on all new construction to homes as well.

  • Commercial Applications: Hobson Painting and Coatings provides painting, repainting and special coatings for all new construction and existing commercial properties, buildings, multi-unit apartment complexes, offices and shopping centers.

  • Industrial Applications: Steel and metal coating, galvanized metal painting

  • Acoustic Ceiling Removal and Repair: We repair damaged acoustic ceilings or completly remove non-asbestos acoustic textured ceilings, retexturing to match your interior walls. We also provide the safe disposal of non-asbestos acoustical material.

  • Special Coatings: Floors, porches, etc need special coatings. We apply many special coatings such as epoxy coatings, stairs, industrial enamels to concrete, wood, metal, and plastic surfaces, coal tar and high heat aluminum coatings to steel/metal. Waterproof elastomeric coatings to protect surfaces from water, chemicals or weathering from the elements (interior or exterior). We even apply fiberglass coatings for those unique projects.

  • Drywall Repairs and Texturing: We repair drywall damage, replace sheetrock, tape and retexture areas to match the existing finished surfaces.

  • Wallpaper Removal: We execute the safe removal of wallpapering and then prep surfaces, size walls/ceilings for repainting and or any possible repapering.

  • Water Blasting: We provide water blasting or "High pressure washing" (hot or cold) for all types of surfaces (interior/exterior) for cleaning, prep-ing oxidized surfaces and aging surfaces as well.

  • Color and Coating Consultation: We provide professional consulting and color consultation on your future painting projects, on site inspections of previously painted or newly painted surfaces. We give you complete color counseling with many color samples to choose from to help you to choose the proper paint or coating for your specific project. We are coating engineers, so let us help you protect your investment.

  • Applications: Hobson Painting and Coatings uses these kinds of applications when painting your project.:
    • Hand brush and rolling
    • Airless Spraying
    • Non-Air/Conventional Spray Systems
    • HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) Spray machines

  • Equipment: Hobson Painting and Coatings uses
    • Waterblasters
    • Airless Spray machines (various sizes)
    • Non-Air/Conventional Spray Pots & Guns
    • HVLP Spray machines
    • Texturing Machine w/hoppers
    • Air Compressors
    • Gas Generators
    • Forced Air Heaters, Scaffolding, Ladders (various sizes)
    • Electrical Sanders
    • Wire Wheel Grinders
    • Heat Guns
    • Extension Poles
    • Spray Painting Extenders
    • Drop Cloths
    • Professional Masking Equipment
    • and many Hand Tools (Big and Small) to help us provide the best possible finish for you.

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